An illustration I did for the end pages of The Unwanteds Quests: Bone Dragons. This was for a Barnes and Noble exclusive special edition of the book, which reached #4 on the New York Times Bestseller list!
A map of the Seven Islands in the Dragon's Triangle I made for Simon & Schuster Publishing. This poster was distributed to schools and libraries across the country to promote the release of The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons
Some enamel pin designs I did for a book tour promotion.
A promotional postcard that went out with pre-order packages.
A painting depicting a scene from The Unwanteds: Island of Shipwrecks
The Eliminators from The Unwanteds
(Left) Captain Baldhead from books 4-7, most prevalent in The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons  
(Right) A battle scene depicting Talon righting some pirates in The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons

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